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At Kinetica Energy we believe our independence gives us a clear advantage. We are not owned by a utility or tied to a manufacturer and so are able to work smartly to create the best package for the development of the project. This adapatable approach has been at the heart of our success.


Kinetica fully finances the entire process of wind turbine installations and will refund any of your consenting costs.

If you have a potential wind turbine project and would be interested in what Kinetica Energy could offer we would need the following basic information.

We will then undertake a detailed assessment of the site to determine how much energy the project could generate, the net income and estimate build costs.  If the project stacks-up financially we will get back to you with a non binding offer.

Assuming you are happy with the offer we have made the next step will be some more detailed site assessments and putting the legal agreements in place between all parties

If you are interested in exploring your options further then please get in touch by calling the office number below and speaking with one of our wind turbine engineers.

0161 608 4511